What to Bring to a Casting Call

So you've decided to go to a casting call.  What should you bring?  Well, there are two lists for what you should bring:
  1. Bring or prepare items the casting call specifically asks for
  2. Bring or prepare items that you should have at all times
Carefully read the casting call and note what you're asked to prepare.  This usually will include a monologue of some sort.  Specialized calls may ask for very specific preparations, read carefully and do your homework.

In general, you should always have the following with you at a casting call:
  • A recent head shot
  • An updated working resume (pasted or printed on the back of the head shot)
  • A working pen (in case there is a form or sign-in sheet and the PA lost the pen)
  • A good night's sleep (you may be asked to take direction or improv, you need to be sharp)
When it is all said and done, you should feel that you presented yourself as best as you could.  You're hoping for a call-back or an offer and you only get this one casting call to make that first impression that gets you the call-back or offer.  Don't screw it up.