Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Casting Call: LYSISTRATA

Monroe County Civic Theater’s opening show for 2016 is holding auditions and call backs next weekend January 9th & 10th.

Saturday January 9th will be the primary audition. Auditions will be held from 12pm - 4pm at Sherwood Oaks Christian Church. Look for MCCT signs. An update on the room number will be sent out early this week as well as posted on the website and Facebook page & event.

All actors should prepare a 1-3 minute comic monologue or scene (2 person scenes only please). If you are new to MCCT, please bring a picture and short list of theater credits. Returning MCCT actors are not required to do so.

Sunday January 10th will be call backs for non-chorus roles. Callbacks will be held in the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium from 1-4pm. No preparation necessary – just come prepared to play!

Casting will be announced by midnight Tuesday January 12th and the first full read through will be held on Saturday January 16th at 12:30pm at the Monroe County Public Library in Rm 1 C. Rehearsals begin January 18th. Performance dates are March 26th-28th, 2016.

Come out and be a part of the start of our 30th Anniversary Season!

Monday, March 16, 2015



* I will be in Lobby holding “CALL OUT” sign. Please arrive early so you have time to find the group.
* If you have headshots, please bring them

JOHN (middle aged, fatherly)
CARTER (college aged, “screw-ball”)
MIA (college sweet heart)
* ALL Actors must be over the age of 21! We will be shooting at The Tap

EMAIL lmhogan@indiana.edu for a copy of script!
TEXT (732) 546-8356 with your name and the part you wish to tryout for!

FRIDAY, APRIL 3RD @ 10-3PM (The Runcible Spoon, The Tap)
SATURDAY, APRIL 4TH @ 12-4PM (College Apartment)
FRIDAY, APRIL 10TH @ 12-2PM (The Tap)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



The woman is behind the camera.  The man is in front of it.  Sparks will fly.  Think smart, fun, sexy.  Ladies, it’s time to ‘Grab the Camera - Change the View.’  It’s the late 1920s yet very much about today.  We are women filmmakers.  Terri Farley-Teruel (Beautiful Dreamer) will direct; Nancy Schreiber (4th woman to join ASC, 40 yrs experience) will be DP; Madelyn Ritrosky (Stardust & Moonbeams novel) is writer/producer.

With bobbed brown hair, Beth (30) is an outspoken feminist – with a playful side.  For her, sexual equality is fundamental, and she has that with husband Will, a painter exploring photography.  Belongs to birth control rights group.  Must be comfortable with male nudity: Will is Beth’s model for an erotic photo shoot.  Also a sensual love scene.  However, since this is female appreciation of the male body rather than the all-too-familiar other way around, the woman's body will be shown more discreetly.  One discreet black & white printed photograph of Beth as one of Will’s photos from his unseen photo shoot of her.

*MUST have hair of the appropriate length (or willingness to cut or grow out) for bobbed, modern style of the late ‘20s.  Due to close shots and subtle movements for the love scene, no wigs.  Age range mid 20s to early 30s.  Should look same age as actor Brad Meyer (Will).  Caucasian.  Must be OK with other actors smoking herbal cigarettes for a realistic late ‘20s cocktail party.

            Still looking for Cherilyn (29, any hair color), Beth’s friend, belongs to birth control rights group, feminist but not as radical as Beth.  Married (husband Russ isn’t in the film).  Youngest sibling Matt Sykes, 16, is visiting from out of town.  Their mother died when he was born, her doctor giving no contraception or information to prevent a dangerous fourth/last pregnancy.  This motivates Cherilyn’s birth control work.

* Requires smoking herbal cigarette like tobacco cigarette.  Age range early 20s to early 30s but must look at least mid 20s. Caucasian.

Both roles:  self-taped auditions by invitation
Cherilyn:  casting off self-taped audition
Beth:  final audition with Brad Meyer (Will) to be taped in Indianapolis or Bloomington
Shoot location:  Farmer House Museum, Bloomington, Indiana
Expected rehearsal/shoot dates:  March 27-31, 2015 

PAID plus credit, copy, meals, and travel stipend and lodging (if needed)
Send headshot, resume, links to madelyn@stardustmoonbeams.com

Monday, August 18, 2014

Casting Call: Chronicles of Ni're sequel

Casting Call for the Sci-Fi/Action sequel to Submerge: The Chronicles of Ni're . A film by Demetrius Witherspoon, which is showed at Gen Con on Sat.16 at 4pm and Indiana Short Film Festival! Demetrius is a member of the IFN Indianapolis IN.

A Lady who was chased by the Government, and thrown unexpectedly into another world. She must find her way out and find her child. Will she make it out? It's only a matter of time!

  • Saturday, August 23: 10am-4pm
  • Sunday, August 24: 1pm-6pm
Westside of Indianapolis IN. More details on Characters and Audition location will be given when you apply. This is a NON Union and NON Pay. Credit/Copy

Please Summit: Head Shot, Full Body shot, Acting Resume.

First Time Actor and Actress is welcome. If this is your first time Acting please send a picture.

Send all info to this email and we will contact you. submergenrb@gmail.com

  • Raz: Leader of a Assassin Group
    • white male, well built and athletic, 25-40 years old 5'9-6'1
    • This role is very physical and will involve fight scenes.
  • Zeer: Assassin
    • Oriental female,
    • 20-30 years old, tattoos are ok. about 5'6
    • athletic build, must be able to speak their Native Language and English.
  • Nok: Assassin
    • Male 25-40 years old
    • 5'6-5'9
    • medium build
  • E'lon: Queens Guard
    • African American female, 20-30 years old slender build, athlectic, 5'6-5'9
    • Role involves physical stunts and fight scenes, tattoos are ok
  • The Figure: Guard
    • African American male, 5'9-6'
    • well built
    • Role involves physical stunts and fight scenes
    • Must be willing to wear mask and special gear.
  • Doctor Fre: Doctor for Government Experiment
    • white male, 40-50 years old, facial hair a plus, 5'6-5'9
    • small stunt scene
  • Nurse: Helps doctor
    • African American female 20-30 years old, medium build.
    • short hair
    • small stunt scene
Please send all Photos and Resume to: submergenrb@gmail.com

Website: www.dventertainmentpictures.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/…/Submerge-Nire-R…/560550040723436…
Youtube: Submerge: The Chronicles of Ni're Trailer http://youtu.be/-t3VReEft70

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Casting Call: Dead Mans Hand

Casting for “Dead Mans Hand”. 6-episode miniseries event show for “Grindhouse Saturday Night” airing on MediopolisTV. Shooting Fall 2014, Winter/Spring 2015. Locations: Indiana & Kentucky. Non Union. Mostly unpaid roles. Credit/copy. Please send recent headshot,resume and role you're interested in to lisamarkscasting@outlook.com if you fit any of the roles below:

1. Stereotypical Rapper – Black Male. Approx. 20s-30s.
2. Terminally Ill Cancer Patient – White Male. Approx. 20’s-60’s.
3. Texas Oil Tycoon – White Male. Approx. 50+
4. Wealthy Heiress – White Female. Approx. 30-50
5. Troubled Artist – Any Ethnicity. Male. 30-40
6. Stunt Man – White Male. Approx. 35+
7. Black Widow – White Female. Approx. 40-60
8. Yuppie Stock Broker (with cocaine problem) – White Male. Approx. 35
9. Washed Up Rock Star (Vince Neil Type) – White Male. Approx. 40+
10. Card Counter (Cocky WSOP player) – Asian Male. Approx. 20’s+
11. Mysterious Asian Female – Asian Female. 20’s+
12. Sex-Crazed Politician – White Male. Approx. 40+
13. Professional Rugby Player – White Male. Approx. 25-30
14. World Famous Drag Queen – Black Male. Approx. 30-50
15. Sleazy Porn Producer – White Male. Approx. 30-50
16. Mexican Biker Gang Leader – Latino Male. Approx. 35-50
17. Military Drill Sergeant - Black Male. Approx. 30-50
18. Embezzling Priest – White Male. Approx. 30’s+
19. Middle Eastern Royalty – Ethnically Ambiguous, leaning Middle Eastern, Male. Approx. 40+
20. Trashy Lottery Winner – White Female. Approx. 20+
21. Hollywood Starlet – White Female. Approx. 20+
22. Organized Crime Hit Man – White Male. Approx. 35+
23. MMA Fighter – White Male. Approx. 25-35
24. Fast Food Chain Owner – Overweight White Male. Approx. 50+
25. Red Neck Reality Show Contestant – White Male. Approx. 20’s+

Friday, July 11, 2014

CASTING CALL: IU School of Law “Industrial Training Video”

IU School of Law “Industrial Training Video”

Auditions: To be scheduled during week of July 14 on individual basis
Filming Dates: August 4-5 (all day), August 6-7 (if necessary)

Blue Ace Media is casting an industrial training video for the IU School of Law and is looking for 14 local actors (7 male, 7 female) for FOUR “vignettes” to be used as courtroom training videos for new lawyers.

We are looking to cast the following roles:
  • Divorcing couples/Paternity case: 4 male, 4 female - 30s-40s
  • Judge: 1 male - 50s-60s
  • Lawyers: 2 male, 2 female - 30s-40s
  • Courtroom Reporter/Deputy: 1 male, 40s

Actors must be able to look like and portray everyday, average citizens, and MUST be able to memorize short vignettes. Actors who are cast will be compensated.

To be considered for an audition, please email Jennylynn at jennylynn116@gmail.com with your contact information and headshot (or comparable professional photo) with the subject line: “IU Law Casting” by Friday, July 11

Interested actors will be contacted individually to schedule an audition for the following week.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OPEN CASTING – Shoki’s Bag

General Information:

Shoki’s Bag will be Karmic Courage’s 17th production. Kate Chaplin will write, direct and produce the first in the Mythic Water’s trilogy. Filming is slated for October, 2014 in Noblesville, IN and surrounding areas. This project is union/non-union. Ultra low budget. Speaking roles and crew are paid. The project will be released as a 8 part webseries and also have a feature length cut for DVD’s, Theatrical Showings and VOD.

Interested Crew:

Email your resume to officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com. You will be scheduled for an in person or skype interview.
We are looking for:
  • Script Supervisor
  • Director of Photography
  • Still Photographer
  • Production Designer
  • Propmaker
  • Costume Designer
  • Sound Recordist
  • Make Up Artists
  • Caterer
  • Production Assistants

Interested Cast:

Send in your headshot and resume to officekcp (at) gmail (dot) com. If you would like to submit a video audition, please provide a link in the body of your email. We recommend video auditions be less than 5 minutes and a monologue of your choosing where we can hear and see you clearly. Film Reels are also acceptable. We highly recommend an in person audition on Saturday July 12th at Cambria Suites in Noblesville. When emailing your headshot and resume request an interview time. Audition times are blocked out in 15 minute segments from 10am-8pm. We will email you back an audition time and confirm with you a week before.

Character Breakdowns


Matilda – 35-50, sister to Marla, acrobat in the circus, sweet, angel face, athletic frame, love interest to Shoki. Physically demanding role. Dance and acrobat training a plus. Will do an acrobat/dance routine with Shoki.
Marla – 35-50 sister to Matilda, acrobat in the circus, athletic frame, mean, vengeful, posh.
“The Woman” – 40+, baby kidnapper, man-ish face, not a looker, mean, This is a physically demanding role stunt experience a plus.
Hannah – 55+ villager, hard of hearing, funny.
Isabella – 55+ villager, reserved, loner, sad eyes, kind.
Bucca – 30-45 petite Asian seductress. Squeaky voice. Elf-like.
Inquisitors – (2 roles) 30-60, commanding voice, regal. Lawyer-like.
Dark Water Queen – 30+ Maleficent-like, elf-like, deep voice, must be able to wear a heavy costume.
Julia – 50+ farmer, kind, trusting, helpful, adventurous. Wife of Walter.


“The Man” – 40+, baby kidnapper, not a looker, mean, This is a physically demanding role stunt experience a plus.
Frank – 30-50, a really sucky bounty hunter, tall, skinny/lanky, dirty, lazy eye a plus. Comic relief, improv skills a plus. Stunt training a plus.
Boris – 35-50, a really sucky bounty hunter, short, round, dirty. The heavy of the comic relief, improv skills a plus. Stunt training a plus.
Moriel – 40-60, Daniel Day Lewis type. Tall, lanky, evil grin, commanding presence. Ring Leader of Moriel’s Traveling Circus Show. Also does arms dealing on the side. Not a nice guy.
Caper – 25-40, doesn’t talk much. Second in command to Moriel. French clown not your typical clown. Tall and skinny.
Bennington – draft dodger, fire breather, and athletic build.
Zepher – juggler, running away from his ex-wife, gets beaten.
Boatmaster – 50+ the Taxi driver from the Human Realm to the Water Realm. Knows all the secrets. Sings.
King of the Water Spirts – Nix’s father. Elf-like, tall with broad shoulders, regal, commanding presence.
Hays – 25-45, attractive, physically fit, elf-like, a snake charmer in a Victorian suit. Loves to be the bad guy but a smooth talker.
Inquisitors (2 roles) 30-60 commanding voice, regal. Lawyer-like.
Malaki – 40-70, storyteller, weird, shaman-like, magical, loner, gypsy.
Protective Water Spirit Guards (PWSG’s) – 4 roles, some with lines. Physically fit.
Roustabouts (2 roles) – 30-50 they set up and tear down the traveling circus. Construction worker frame and build. Beaten down by life.
Little Clown – any age, dwarf/little person. Consistent part of the circus show who is in charge of patron interaction with the show.
Walter – 50+ farmer, rough, untrusting. Husband of Julia.
Train Conductor – 40+ working man look, frame and build.


Nix – (lead role) (female) teenager, looks 13-17, feisty, tomboy, frail, elf-like. This is a physically demanding role. Stunt and/or dance training a plus.
Kallien – (female) teenager looks 13-17, evil, regal, power-hungry sister to Nix. Elf-like. Wears a heavy head piece.
Young Shoki – (male) looks 9-14, Caucasian, Heavy make up to look disfigured. Stunt training a plus as Young Shoki gets beat up.
Zara – (supporting role) (baby girl) just about crawling age around October 2014. We will use a prop most of the time. Zara is destined to be the new Queen. This role does not require an audition. Contact us for more information.
Seminary boy #1 – looks 9-14, mean, fighter, karate (or pulling punches) training a plus.
Jeddah – (male) looks 11-14, red hair (or willing to have red hair and freckles), really mean kid. The main bully at Seminary school whose main target is Shoki.
Young Matilda – (female) looks 9-14 sister to Marla, acrobat in the circus, sweet, angel face, athletic frame,
Young Marla – (female) looks 9-14 sister to Matilda, acrobat in the circus, athletic frame, mean, vengeful, posh.
Flying Water Spirit – (female) a less sassy Tinkerbell. Doesn’t talk. Elf-like, nerdy, friend to Malaki the storyteller. Green screen experience a plus.


Seminary school boys – looks 9-14 cheering on the bullying of Young Shoki until Moriel steps in. (5 boys needed)
Circus Show Patrons – Steampunk! thieves, bounty hunters, gypsies, along with the Victorian high elite. Huge plus if you already have a Steampunk costume!! All ages. The more the merrier! No acting experience necessary, you get to watch a circus show.
Water Spirits – teenagers looks 10-17, boys & girls elf-like. Wears a heavy head piece. (3 actors needed)
Train Station Patrons – Victorian clothes of various class systems. All ages.  (7 actors needed)
Koseny village – farmers market patrons. All ages. (10 actors needed)

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